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Charcuterie espagnole, chorizo, salchichon iberique


The ham is not the only good part of the Ibérico porks. Spain's cold cut selection might not be as famous as its ham but they are just as good! Chorizo is undoubtedly the most well known, cooked or not, both standard or spicy. But if you are a real Chorizo fan, try the sliced 100% Ibérico Chorizo Vela! Nevertheless our favorite Embutido is the Lomo Ibérico, a cured pork loin that will perfectly accompany your homemade planchette with gruyère, olives and cornichon.

Choose in packs of 100gr or by piece to have them delivered by the next business day* 

* Orders must be received by 14h30 to be delivered for the next business day

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