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bellotas manos


The conditions can be harsh in a Dehesa, but under the best circumstances, those harsh conditions will contribute to the most thriving environment! Take the acorn, also known in Spanish as “Bellota”, this simple ingredient will play one of the most crucial role in producing our beloved Jamón (ham).


Real 100% Ibérico pig will only eat a diet of Bellotas and natural pastures across their lives! Rich in naturally saturated fats, the pigs will spend their day roaming for these exquisite Bellotas, giving them a perfect level of fatness for a nutty and distinct flavor.


However, some varieties of Ibérico pigs will have to share this natural delight with a mixed diet of more traditional prime cereals, and some will not even get the chance to taste the Bellotas!


Different pigs and different diets will mean different tastes when savoring your ham. Know which one you order!

Cerdos Ibéricos en la dehesa pasturando



Iberian pastures found in Spain where 100% Ibérico pigs are raised​


The acorn used to feed the Ibérico pigs roaming freely in a Dehesa​


The act of fattening the pig with a specific diet of cereals​

Ibérico Pig

An exclusive breed of pure pork from the Iberian Peninsula​

Duroc Pig

A breed of pork, also recognizable by their black feet​

Pata Negra

The black feet of a pig. Either from an Ibérico or Duroc breed​

Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico

A ham from a pure breed of Ibérico pigs, recognizable by their black feet. This quality ham receives the BLACK label​

Jamón de Bellota

A ham from a mix of Ibérico (50%-75%) and Duroc breed. This quality ham receives the RED label​

Jamón Cebo de Campo

A ham from a mix of Ibérico (50%-75%) and Duroc breed, fed prime cereals & pasture. This quality ham receives the GREEN label​

Jamón de Cebo

A ham from a mix of Ibérico (50%-75%) and Duroc breed fed prime cereals. This quality ham receives the WHITE label​

Jamón 100% Duroc

A ham from a pure breed of Duroc pork​

Huelva / Extremadura / Salamanca

Regions of Spain with unique Dehesas where Ibérico pigs are raised​


A small village in the region of Huelva, known for it’s Jamón the world over

Did you know that in Spanish “Pata Negra” means black feet? This reference can be used for many pork breeds, not just Ibérico!

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