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Cerdo Iberico en la Dehesa


At LA DULA Ibérico Shop, we are passionate about offering our customers the finest Jamón and cured meats available. As direct importers, we guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and are fully compliant with official Spanish labeling control. Our exquisite Ibéricos are sourced from Jovira, a family business based in Extremadura, and our 100% purebred Duroc ham comes exclusively from Batallé,  a source of 100% purebred Duroc ham in the Granada region. We take pride in ensuring that every piece of Jamón is cured to perfection before it reaches your plate. Come and experience the true taste of Spain at LA DULA Ibérico Shop

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Infografia Cerdo Iberico
Infografia raza ibérica
Infografia raza ibérica

🐖 We all know that the pure porc breed of 100% Ibérico is the best, but some Ibérico pigs will mate with another breed called Duroc and only spend a part of their life in the wild outdoors of a Dehesa.


Ibérico Porks - Traditionally, pigs raised in a Dehesa are pure premium breeds called Ibérico, which are especially distinguishable for having black feet. Did you know that the term “Pata Negra” is a direct translation for black feet?


Duroc Porks - The high-class breeds of Ibérico can also mate with another more common breed of “Pata Negra” pork, called Duroc. Although it also produces a delicate ham that can be enjoyed as 100% Duroc, this breed of pork is less rare than the Ibérico breed.


Others - Finally, Spain produces a wide array of good quality ham from common pork breeds. Labels such as Reserva and Grand Reserva, without details on its breed, will normally indicate a good quality Spanish ham. These cannot be compared to the prestigious Ibérico breeds!


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Infografia alimentación cerdo ibérico
Infografia alimentación cerdo iberoc
Infografia alimentacion cerdo iberico
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Infografia catergorias cerdo iberico
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Clasificacion jamon iberico
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