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Paturage naturel, dehesa iberique




Directly translated, “dula” is the Spanish term for pasture. But in Spain, and as with any respectable terroir, it means so much more. Representing close to 4 million hectares across the Iberian Peninsula, overlapping with Spain and Portugal, a Dula or dehesa holds its origin from the Mediterranean forest ecosystem. A dula hosts a unique co-existence of trees at high altitudes, which includes the notorious oak tree that produces the Bellota (acorn). This makes the region ideal for many herbaceous animals to live, especially our beloved “Ibérico” porks 🐖.

Some dulas are actually quite well known. Have you heard of Jabugo? Salamanca? Huelva? Well those are all regions where Ibérico porks have been raised! All our products come from Spain only. They have been selected from the best dulas where our expert ham crafters still follow the traditional techniques that have been appreciated and awarded by some of the most demanding experts.

Based in Geneva, we are, first and foremost, true lovers of gourmet food and fans of Spanish culture. Our concept was born when our Spanish and Swiss founders decided to expand the food offer of Switzerland by bringing the best Spanish delicacies. With the iconic Spanish Jamón (ham) at the center of our offer, our hopes is to keep widening our selection of produces for our customers to discover and enjoy the fascinating depth of the Iberian peninsula. We offer our products to individuals and hospitality venues alike, so we hope you enjoy them or get the chance to see them in your favorite neighboring spot very soon!

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