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Manchego Cheese DOP (Sheep) 6 months
  • Manchego Cheese DOP (Sheep) 6 months

    Discover the pinnacle of Manchego craftsmanship with our 6-month aged DOP Manchego cheese. A true Spanish masterpiece, this cheese embodies the essence of La Mancha.

    Appearance: This distinguished cheese showcases a deep, golden interior framed by its signature herringbone-patterned rind. Its texture is firm and delightfully crumbly.

    Celebrate Tradition: Crafted under the strict standards of the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), our 6-month aged Manchego is a celebration of Spanish tradition and artisanal excellence.

    Experience the extraordinary with La Dula Ibérico.


    Aprox. 250-300 gr.

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