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In this tin you will find between 12 and 15 A Conserveira Selección sardines. The sardines are bought during the months of July, August and September, when they accumulate the fat that guarantees their flavour and quality. 

A Conserveira Selección is the exclusive brand of canned fish from the Galician Rías that are selected and packed by hand, one by one, continuing the legacy of the traditional canning arts. A high quality product caught exclusively during the season.


Best stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume preferably within 24 hours.


Ingredients: Sardines (Sardina pilchardus) 70%, olive oil 24%, carrot 2%, gherkin 2%, (bay leaf, chilli pepper, peppercorns) 1%, salt

Sardinillas Picante en huile d'olive, A Conserveira Seleccion (12/15 pieces)

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