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As prized as Iberian hams by Spanish gourmets, lomo is a sausage made from pork tenderloin. Our marinade is light, based on olive oil and Pimentón de la Vera (paprika), to let you enjoy its true aromas!


It is prepared with the same steps and the same care as Iberian hams: after cutting, it is cured and marinated, before being stuffed into a natural gut and then cured for 5-6 months under the watchful eye of the "maestro bodeguero" in Extremadura.


This muscle gives a very supple and soft sausage in the mouth. To be enjoyed as a tapas or as an accompaniment. Well cured, it will charm you with its exceptional taste, soft and persistent at the same time.


Aprox. 100 gr.

Lomo Ibérico Cebo de Campo

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