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Jamón Ibérico de Cebo (30 months), sliced LA DULA Geneva
  • Jamón Ibérico de Cebo (30 months), sliced LA DULA Geneva

    Don’t be fooled by our entry level Jamon Ibérico, the White Label may have the most attractive price but it is still a great example of the superior taste that can be found in Ibérico porks! This 50% Ibérico breed will have been farm raised and prime cereal fed before being cured for 24 months. Enjoy on toasted bread scraped with fresh tomatoes and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


    In Short

    White Label ⎮ Jamón de Cebo Ibérico ⎮ Prime Cereals Fed ⎮ Farm Raised ⎮Cured 30 min. Months


    Pack size: Aprox. 100 gr.

    Best before: See on the package. 


    This product has been cut by machine and packed vacuumed sealed in our shop in Geneva (Rue Michelle-NICOD 6). We recommend storing it in the fridge once received but it can also be stored at room temperature. Never leave it under the sunlight. We sell only fresh products, so it can be kept frozen but only once, at your discretion. For best consumption, open ten minutes before eating and let rest at room temperature.

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