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The real 100% Ibérico Paleta! Raised freely in Dehesas (natural pastures), fed Bellotas (Acorn), we present the best shoulder sliced know as the Black Label. The paleta is the front leg of the pork known as shoulder. Its intense flavor is very characteristic of this part of the pork.


In Short

Black Label ⎮ Paleta de Bellota100% Ibérico ⎮ Bellota & Pasture Fed ⎮ Raised exclusively in a Dehesa ⎮Cured min. 48 Months⎮Elegant, Sophisticated & Exquisite with nutty flavors


Pack size approx: 100 gr.

Best before: See on the package.


This product has been cut by machine and packed vacuumed sealed in Geneva (Rue Michelle-NICOD 6). We recommend storing it in the fridge once received but it can also be stored at room temperature. Never leave it under the sunlight. We sell only fresh products. For best consumption, open ten minutes before eating and let rest at room temperature.

Paleta de Bellota Iberico 100%, sliced in Switzerland

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