Yes we know, we play favorites, but the Jamon Cebo de Campo, Green Label, can never disappoint us! It guarantees that the 50%-75% Ibérico pork eats Bellotas (Acorn) as well as prime cereals. Savor this boneless delicacy at home!


In short

Green Label⎮ Jamón Cebo de Campo Ibérico ⎮ Prime Cereals & Pasture Fed ⎮ Farm raised in a Dehesa ⎮ Cured min. 36 Months ⎮Classic, prominent features of natural fats


Delivery: Approximately 10 days, we will contact you to confirm the exact date after the order is placed. The price will be adjusted to the final weight.

Pack Size: A boneless leg of Jamon weighs approximately 3kg and is vacuumed sealed for delivery.

Best before: See on the package.

Boneless - Jamón Cebo de Campo Ibérico

4 Kilograms